About Us

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About Us

The dream of starting our own bakery was probably first planted during our holidays in Melbourne in 1999 when we first set our eyes on those attractive cakes on display at the shopfront windows of many bakeries @ St Kilda. But it was just a dream without any conscious effort to make it happen.

It was not until many years later when changing circumstances made us think of Plan B for our career. And the dream of running our own bakery was slowly being “resurrected”.  

Our Plan B only became fully operational when we left the corporate world and officially launched our business in 2012. Being very much a self-taught baker, we gained experience by baking from home for friends and relatives before opening our shop in 2012.

One important principal shone through during our 10 years in this business i.e. the importance of getting the taste and texture of our cakes and pastries right, and when tastefully presented would bring much joy and satisfaction to our customers. In short, you are getting the “real” deal for our cakes and pastries….

We would continue to work hard and stay relevant without compromising on our principal as we move forward on our baking journey…